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The Road Here

May 9th, 2010

The Road Here

After years of looking at the back of my husband’s helmet, I decided the view from my own bike would be much more satisfying. Not only do I get more enjoyment from our weekend rides now, but I also began commuting regularly on my bike to and from work. Because riding has become such a big part of my life, the fashion – or lack thereof – in women’s suits became a concern after time and again the surprised faces I saw after removing my helmet told me onlookers clearly thought I was a man.

A common fantasy among men and women both is the motorcycle magazine hottie where the girl removes her helmet and shakes out perfectly coiffed hair while unzipping the front of her tight skinned jacket. Men want to see it, women want to be it. So I tried wearing the leather gear, but I’m not size two and leather seems to accentuate my flaws, rather than hide them. Furthermore, in California where I live it’s just too hot most of the time, so I went back to my textile gear.  It says it’s for women and it’s sized for women, but it looks just like the men’s gear. The final straw came with the last “ladies” jacket I bought. While I was at the register, a man came up to me to say “My son has that same jacket and he loves it!” Thanks a lot! Another $700 and I still look like a guy.

Picking A Destination

One day I was bitching about all of this to my friend, who just so happens to be a designer, and together we decided I couldn’t be the only one that feels this way.

At first I thought maybe a pink helmet and then we could design some bike safe scarves that would blow in the wind.  I got the pink helmet, but I live in the bay area, so they just think I’m a gay guy (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – right then I knew the scarves weren’t going to be enough either. So we decided to brainstorm a line of gear that is inspired by street wear that would leave no doubt that a girl who is tough with nails is riding that big bike.

Down the Road

We’re getting this thing off the ground with 3 or 4 jackets and 3 or 4 pants all with looks to kill and body armor to avoid that.  If you’d like to keep up with our adventures and my rants about being a lady biker, check out my blog, Edel Chatter and if you’d like to let us suit you up, join our mail list. We promise not to harass you too much or sell your e-mail address. We’ll just keep in touch every now and then to tell you what’s new and where to find us.